For this project, I was paired with another designer to design a responsive editorial website for creatives.





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Market Research

To gain a better understanding of the industry, I researched editorial websites popular for providing content for creatives. This included Rolling Stone, Vice Magazine, and Repeller. In our brand comparison and feature analysis, we determined the strengths and weaknesses of our well-known competitors. While all of the brands covered politics in some capacity, the brands lacked in creating a space for new and upcoming creatives to share their thoughts, knowledge, work and events. In addition…

Perfect: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects (Google definition).

Since I was a child, I have always been competitive to the point of becoming a perfectionist, a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection. Not only did I want to be better than my peers in sports, academics, and in social circles, I wanted to be remembered for my superiority. Despite those ambitions, I did not come close to those desires. Not even a fraction. I was good at sports but certainly not the best…

Design and technology has the potential to eliminate or automate complex problems, like inequality. I had the pleasure of attending the Looking at the Future of Design event hosted by Patricia Reiners, an innovation designer who focuses on XR technologies. In this talk, Reiners discussed five trends and technologies that can be beneficial for UX in the future. In that same timeframe, I also had the pleasure of joining Black Austin UX in watching the award-winning film, Coded Bias, a documentary, created by computer scientist and digital activist at MIT Media Lab, Joy Buolamwini, that discussed and revealed how modern…

Although I have experience as a freelance designer, I ultimately desire to work for an organization that fits my goals and values. This is a simple sentence, but there are many steps to achieve this goal. However, as I learn and grow within the field, I have gained experience with the interview process…and I failed my first interview. Well, “fail” is a blanket term. I do not consider my first UX/UI designer interview to be a failure because I did not get the job. …

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There are many things that I am proud to be. A sister. A designer. A black woman. It’s February, meaning it is Black History Month. In honor of this month, bootcamp, General Assembly, hosted The Power of Black Design, an empowering and educational panel to open conversations about entry into the design field as a person of color and the opportunities that await.


Albrina Mendes: Local Marketing Front Lines Lead at General Assembly

Ashley Turner: Founder, Chief Officer, Philly Tech Sistas


Natalie Nixon: Creativity Strategist at Figure 8 Thinking

Brenda Matos: Product Design Lead at REEF

Erick Gavin…

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Day 3 User Research Questions

My group and I had the pleasure of starting the research to address the issue of city mobility. As stated in a given brief, changes in transportation over time between rural areas and metropolitan areas. A particular area of concern is the increase in distraction from exercisers and the cleanliness of the city. It was the responsibility of my team to create an app that addresses these concerns,

Because this issue is a wicked problem, one with many problems and solutions, it was at first difficult to determine where to start in the design thinking process. As taught, the design…

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My “About Me” mentions my current role as a UX designer and my past experience as an athlete, but that does not tell my entire carer path. In actuality, I was hesitant in entering tech in any capacity. I held many of the stereotypes of tech, including the vivid image of the black screen with rows of green 0s and 1s. In addition, I had never heard of user experience throughout my studies in Marketing and Communications. My introduction to user experience is a testimony to the importance in investing in yourself.

Prior to my role as a UX Designer…

New Haircut logo

As a designer, it is integral to be a part of the design community. New methods and changes to the traditional design thinking process are often introduced in eye-opening conversations. Recently, I attended a Q&A hosted by Innovation Coach and Design Thinking Facilitator, Jay Melone. Jay Melone is the Founder of New Haircut, an innovation strategy firm that helps organizations unlock their next big idea. The firm helps designing and facilitating critical conversations between team members, stakeholders, and the humans they’re serving.

This most recent Q&A focused around problem framing. As a designer, this is one of the most troublesome…

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User Experience design is a field that emphasizes working with and understanding people. As a designer, I make a priority to pursue knowledge from other designers and fields. With COVID19, this task has become easier due to various designer groups and organizations opening their meetings to people outside of their geographical areas. Through platforms like Meetup and Eventbrite, I can connect with experienced designers. One such event was UC Irvine: Exploring Design an Ethics.

This event, led by keynote speaker and moderator, John B. Johnson, was a great event for new and experienced designers to discuss the importances of ethics…

Tripadvisor logo

For my final UX challenge in my Ironhack pre-work, I was given the task of redesigning a travel metasearch website. Using Nielsen’s Ten Heuristics in UI Design, I selected Tripadvisor mobile website for the following reasons:

  1. Visibility of system status: Links provide feedback when clicked.
  2. Match between system and real world: Most links use plain language.
  3. User control and freedom: Users are able to change travel dates.
  4. Consistency and standards: Flight searches and hotel searches are consistent with other platforms.
  5. Error prevention: Once travel dates are selected, they are the default throughout searches related to a trip.
  6. Recognition rather than…

Faith Dismuke

I am a User Experience and User Interface designer with a past life as a pro track and field athlete and author. Read my novel SPRINT DREAMS on Amazon.

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