City Mobility Research (Ironhack 2021 Chronicles)

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Day 3 User Research Questions

My group and I had the pleasure of starting the research to address the issue of city mobility. As stated in a given brief, changes in transportation over time between rural areas and metropolitan areas. A particular area of concern is the increase in distraction from exercisers and the cleanliness of the city. It was the responsibility of my team to create an app that addresses these concerns,

  1. What are the type of exercises or activities that are possibly negatively impacting transportation?
  2. What are the types of transportation methods that are possibly negatively impacting transportation?

Day 6 Persona and Storyboarding

After conducting our survey and interviewing five individuals who commute to cities in their areas, we compiled our findings and insights into an affinity map. Through our affinity map, we discovered common user setbacks and solutions for commuting problems

Day 7 Creating the Low-Fi and Mid-Fi

Once we were able to understand the define user pain points and frustrations, we determined to address the user’s concern regarding construction that often leads to high traffic and commute delays. Our solution would be an app that provides information regarding city construction schedules. This solution will allow users to plan commutes in advance and avoid construction that may occur along their frequent routes.

Low-fi Sketch and Mid-fi Wireframe of city mobility app user flow page

Day 8 Conclusion

This project was a great opportunity to connect with members of my cohort as well as learn the design thinking process. A major lesson learned was the importance of avoiding assumptions and having detailed research questions. Our most time consuming portion of the project was having to re-evaluate our user journey map and How Might We questions to better define the problem and ideate more appropriate and relevant solutions. Overall, this was a great introductory project to introduce the design thinking process, a foundation discipline in UX/UI design. I look forward to future projects with Ironhack.

I am a User Experience and User Interface designer with a past life as a pro track and field athlete and author. Read my novel SPRINT DREAMS on Amazon.

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