City Mobility Research (Ironhack 2021 Chronicles)

Photo by Jesse Echevarria on Unsplash

Day 3 User Research Questions

Because this issue is a wicked problem, one with many problems and solutions, it was at first difficult to determine where to start in the design thinking process. As taught, the design thinking process first starts by defining the problem. This begins by developing a series of possible concerns. However, there is a fine line between identifying problems and making assumptions on behalf of the user. To avoid this problem, we first needed to determine what we needed to learn. Some of the main issues we needed to define were as followed:

  1. Who is traveling in the city?
  2. What are the type of exercises or activities that are possibly negatively impacting transportation?
  3. What are the types of transportation methods that are possibly negatively impacting transportation?

Day 6 Persona and Storyboarding

With this insight, we created a persona based on the data and frustrations presented to us through our user research. Our persona helped us to empathize with our users.

Creating personas can be difficult to avoid the temptation of focusing too much on the topics and less on the goals and frustrations of the user. A user journey map helps us to further empathize with the user and determine the context in which our solution would likely be used. This user journey map was a result of creating user storyboards and compiling the data from users and the similarities amongst our storyboards.

Creating the user storyboards and user personas was not only a great opportunity to further empathize with the user, but also a great opportunity to connect with my teammates. We brought together our creativity and data-driven skills to connect with potential users.

Day 7 Creating the Low-Fi and Mid-Fi

Our low-fi sketches and mid-fi wireframes remained consistent in user flows and call to actions. However, after testing our low-fi sketches on, we discovered user habits that led to users clicking on links that were not created for the user flow. Our mid-fi wireframes reflected those changes by including links related to the buttons we created.

Low-fi Sketch and Mid-fi Wireframe of city mobility app user flow page

Day 8 Conclusion

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