Surpassing Perfection

Cultural definition of perfect

The term perfect has been used in ethics, mathematics, sciences, theology, in media, ontology and aesthetics. You can read more about the history of the word perfect in this wikipedia article.

The existence of perfect

Many sources both address perfectionism and denounce the existence of perfect through various means. Some use encouragement. For example, when defining perfect as a comparable term, perfect becomes as variable as the group that is being used for comparison. Therefore, the standard of perfect is based on individual preference, background, experience, beliefs, and history. In this case, perfection exists, but it many forms.

Perfect and me

As I look at my past writings and designs, I remember the feelings I had when I first created them. You could not tell me that my first draft of my novel, Sprint Dreams was not perfect. You could not tell me that my earlier portfolio designs were not perfect. However, as I learn and grow as a creative, my mark for perfection changes. It may sound arrogant to say that in this very second as I write this letter, I am in a state of perfection. However, as I move on to the next sentence, I have now moved on to a new mark for perfection. Every breath is a point of perfection that could be significantly better or worse than the point of perfection before. Every project is perfect until the point of expectation changes.



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Faith Dismuke

Faith Dismuke

I am a User Experience and User Interface designer with a past life as a pro track and field athlete and author.